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Hello, my name is Ratko Šolaja and I’m a developer who creates websites and experiences that help brands grow their businesses.

What I do

Front-End Web Development

Focus is on delivering cutting edge web applications utilizing the latest industry trends with a great deal of attention dedicated to performance optimization and SEO.

Back-End Web Development

In order to deliver high quality solutions under short time constraints, I use highly secure, robust and, thoroughly tested back-end solutions, such as WordPress customizable and other, depending on client’s needs.

Who am I

I learned to code before I learned to talk. I’m a Senior WordPress Developer working for Simplicity d.o.o. and for Toptal.

Featured Projects

Latest from Journal

Year in Review: 2016

Life is a funny thing, it’s like a wheel, one moment you’re on top, and the next one you’re on bottom – and 2016 has been a great year for me. At moments, it didn’t look like it’s going to be, but when I look at it in reverse, it really is.